Rescue and EFR

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RESCUE AND EFR, Learn how to become a safer diver able to rescue yourself and others, you will learn to become a better buddy by practicing problem-solving skills until they become second nature. Divers describe this as one of the most challenging course’s and also the one of the most fun.



  1. Classroom sessions: 2
  2. Confined water sessions: 1
  3. Open water dives: 3
  4. Course duration:  3-5 days depending on options taken
  5. Min age: 12 years old.

Included in the course are

  • Padi materials
  • Dive Equipment during the course
  • Gas (air only)

Not included:

  • Gas( EANX )
  • Dive accessories (computer,smb, wet notes, etc )


The cost for Rescue Rs. 26,000 Plus GST(18%)

The cost for EFR Rs. 9,000 Plus GST(18%)

The cost for the Combo of Rescue and EFR Rs. 33,000 Plus GST(18%)

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