Open Water Course

2 divers in the pool, CelebratingPADI OPEN WATER, This course is where the adventure begins. You will start learning the theory of Scuba diving and also get to practice the skills involved. This certification is with PADI and is recognized worldwide. This course is combined well with the Nitrox Course to add bottom time to a dive.

  1. Classroom sessions: 1
  2. Confined water sessions: 1 or 2
  3. Open water dives: 4-6 depending on options taken
  4. Course duration:  4-6 days depending on options taken
  5. Min age: 10 years old.

Included in the course are

  • Padi materials
  • Dive Equipment during the course
  • Gas (air only)

The cost for the 4 Dives option is Rs. 26,600 Plus GST(18%)
The cost for the 6 Dives option is Rs. 30,000 Plus GST(18%) Our recommendation 🙂

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