Fun Dives

If this is your first dive, or you want to do a Deco dive, we have a selection of possibilities.

The Quarry:

This is one of our favorite destinations, an area of abandoned granite quarries that has a variety of dive sites from 3MT till 40MT. There is a selection of freshwater fish and sometimes even a turtle, as well as an abundance of plant life. Go deeper(30MT+) and you get to experience a unique night dive in the middle of the day as well as a sort of moon landing feeling. This is also a great place to practice and perfect skills.

The cost is Rs. 5,200 Plus GST(18%) for 2 dives. Equipment and Gas included

The Sea:

underwater diver from the surfacePondicherry has become famous for its deep(30ish MT) diving off the Wall, Some say this is where the shoreline was 50,000 years ago. As well as some amazing new and old dive sites discovered by our Master Instructor Jonah like Pirates Booty. If you want to be part of an exploratory dive do let us know. There is also a selection of dive sites for divers of all levels.

The cost is Rs. 6,000 Plus GST(18%) for 2 dives. (+500 RS fuel surcharge for deep dives) Equipment and Gas included

Technical Dives:

Tec dive set up in water Pondicherry AurovilleWe offer a wide range of technical dives both in the sea and Quarry. We are happy to entertain whatever you diving wish is, long shallow dives or deep dives. in Teams or Solo diving. (as long as your certified and it’s safe) please contact us to discuss the options.

The cost is Rs. 7,500 Plus GST(18%) for a day of diving.  Equipment, Gas, and additional boat charges are Not included.

Or if you have never dived before how about a Discover Scuba Dive

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