Diving for Therapy and Mental Health

Do you suffer from PTSD or Tinnitus, or maybe you lost your Sight? Maybe scuba diving is what you or your loved one needs. at Eternal Divers being differently abled does not mean you can’t experience the weightless feeling of scuba.

Scuba diving is proven to help people build up confidence and give a new passion and outlook on life. Scuba Diving has also been credited with speeding up the recovery time and pain relief for certain mental or physical conditions.

At Eternal Divers, We make sure that everything is done safely, giving you the attention and care that you need.

Some links discussing the benefits of  scuba diving for different conditions:

PADI blog about recovery

Diving for therapy: Jim Elliot at TEDx

PTSD and Scuba

War veterans

Giving people with physical or mental disabilities a chance to dive can change their perception of life and themselves. Do contact us to discuss your options to change your life forever for the better.

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