The Blue Waters of Pondicherry. Through the eyes of Jonah.


Over the years of diving, I have amassed many hours of underwater footage, this movie came about by the need to do something with this footage and share the story of diving in Pondicherry. When I discussed this with filmmaker Lisa Suchanek, She got excited and we undertook this project. After many months of editing and color correcting the footage taken on a variety of camera’s, we are happy to share the result. This movie when shown in local schools has helped open the eyes of kids and teachers. Now they know what can be done by building reefs and how this helps restore the ocean’s reefs. Today on the reef we can find an amazing amount of life. We are even starting to see the regeneration of coral and Gorgonians (Alcyonacea). We highly recommend a dive at this reef with one of the local dive centers, Please chose us 😉

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