We are a small dive center based in Eternity, Auroville, just north of Pondicherry.

Eternity is an 18 acre forest right on the beach. 30 years ago it was just a dune on the seaside. Now you can easily spot the forest on google earth. It is part of the International Township of Auroville but is situated near Kalapet on the ECR road.

In the words of Jonah Skoles the founder of Eternal Divers ” When I think back on the first Tec course, getting the required equipment and gases, imagine having one of the worlds top instructor’s running a course and you’re lucky enough to be in it or have organized it. Every few months we looked at what next and how could we do this better. Those were the days of firsts and I was at the right place at the right time.” During those years Jonah was teaching equipment and compressors service programs all over the country.  As well as bringing technical diving experts to run programs in Pondicherry.  Getting to know the industry in all its colors. ” There comes a time when you want to go back to your roots and be able to spend more quality time with people, so I started my own Dive center, Eternal Divers”

Jonahs Skoles, the Founder of Eternal Divers, came to India as a kid in 1986, and has been here since. Before coming to Scuba diving he was doing Forestry and Photography. He has a passion for teaching for many years, and in the good old days of the Darkroom had many students who were learning photography. He has also been part of expeditions to the Himalayas and did his training with Nerhu Institute of mountaineering. Today his main passion in diving is Sidemount and helping educate and save the Marine Ecosystem.

Today our aim is through education to create an awareness and love for the marine world. While offering dive education focused on skills and mastery, not certification cards.

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