Foundations of sidemount

Becoming a Sidemount diver.

Part 1.

Buoyancy, stability, hovering, Buddha……

Remember when you did your open water course and your instructor made you hover? That was the most important skill and that’s the one we keep working on and perfecting. In Sidemount this is the foundation for all other skills, but we change our position a little Instead of doing a sitting Budha and holding our fins. As we become better divers we refer to this as Trim, Our position in the water, Proper Trim effects everything else we do as divers in the water and ultimately our level of comfort. Ideally, we should be able to hold our position it the water without any movement of our fins or hands.


Photo by Das Donarun

In Sidemount we achieve this trim by proper weighting and placement of those weight on the harness, as well as how we attached and set up our tanks. Body position and the ability to use your lungs to influence your buoyancy also plays a huge roll in developing our control in the water.


One of my first Tec instructors said that Diving was about “mindfulness” or as I like to call it being aware. The more aware we become of every part of our body and equipment the better divers we become, actually even better people 🙂




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