Dive Sites

The Quarry:

Here the sites change during the season’s as local farmers use different quarries for irrigation or mining.  Our team is constantly checking and looking for new sites

The Lake

This site has is super large and takes multiple dives to see it all. It has a wide selection of depths and can be dived by divers of all levels. It is very rich in plant and fish life and is where you have a chance to spot turtles if your quite. The bottom is a rough rock patch that gives you the feeling of flying over the surface of the moon. a torch is a must if planning to go to the deeper side.

Depth: 4-40 MT

Cat Fish Pond

This site is like a staircase for giants, it has very clear cuts in the rock and has some wrecks left inside it from the mining days, and has an easy to navigate underwater layout. Poor on plant life it has an amazing amount of catfish enjoying the cool waters. This Pond has high towering walls of 20 MT’s plus on all four sides and gives a true feeling of the quarry.

Depth: 16 MT

The original one

This site has recently been re-mined and now has a beautiful underwater road that takes you down to 40 MT, this site has eerie flooded tree’s underwater and a large underwater playground that gives you the feeling of flying over the surface of the moon.

Depth: 40 MT

Three pumps

This site is named after the 3 hidden underwater pumps, it is full of plant and fish life and this site is perfect for mastering those Self-reliant diver skills or doing a refresher dive.

Depth: 16 MT

Infinity pond

One of our favorite sites for beginners, It is shaped like a figure 8 with 2 ponds connected by a small channel, full of plant life and fish perfect for observing the fish life and  to practice our buoyancy skills.

Depth: 14 MT


The Sea:


Tex Mex

This site was named after an exploration dive with a Mexican and American on the boat 🙂 It  Covers a large area and some sides of it had been Dived by the Sri Aurobindo Dive club in the past. Shallow and one of the best site with a variety of Marine life. Full of juvenile fishes and coral spouts, a beautiful site to dive.  Being very close to shore the Visibility can be on the low side most of the year, but when the season is right its one on Our favorite sites and the first place we ever spotted a seahorse.

Depth: 12 MT

Danny’s Eel Garden

Believed to be a ballast of a ship sunk during the French colonial times. House to some fantastic marine life. This site has a wide variety of moray eels. There are also a large number of crabs and shrimp in between the rocks. During the cuttlefish mating season, this site is full of them.

Depth: 16-18 MT

Pirates Booty

This dive site is a cluster of rocks that cover a large area, and if perfect for drift dives.  It was discovered while doing a survi-board dive trip and has since been added to the everyday dive sites. the site has a rich variety of juveniles as well as the occasional seahorse and normally has a good amount of nudibranchs

Depth: 23-26 MT

Pondy’s Wall

This site covers over 3 Km’s and still has much to explore, It is covered in sea fans and whips of many different colors. We can spot great schools of fish and boasts the occasional manta ray and whale shark siting, as well as an amazing selection of macro. On this site, we highly recommend using Nitrox to get additional Bottom time and one of the reasons we started diving Sidemount.

Depth: 30-38 MT

There is a second part to this wall that is largely unexplored and great for technical exploration. The most famous is J3VND( stands for the people who discovered it, Jonah, Jonas, Julien,(J3) Vishwanath, Nico, and Das) and was discovered during the First PADI technical diving course run in India.

Depth: 45-55 MT


This was made by Tara from FERAL in Pondicherry, and an experiment in artificial reefs and Fish aggregation devices). It was placed near existing reefs and is a great site for drifting from small rock formation to small rock formation, All small ecosystems, and little underwater villages.

Depth: 22-25 MT

Temple Reef

This is Pondy’s most famous artificial reef. alot of people from the pondy dive community helped it grow and its named after the dive center that spearheaded its construction. Built in 2013 it has become one of the most remarkable demonstrations of what can be done to construct a reef. it has 4 parts to it today(in order of construction) The original temple structure, Wreck city, Beer garden and the parking lot.

Depth: 14-18 MT


There are many more sites some explored and others not. we can chat about what to dive when you come by.

Also feel free to add your comments or description of other dive sites in the area, Please add GSP coordinates so we can double check them with our database

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